Ford will try to fight F-150 Lightning scalpers by banning resale

Ford will try to fight F 150 Lightning scalpers by banning

Ford is powered by the orders of the F-150 Lightning, and is taking special steps to ensure that the electric pickup truck reaches honest customers well. Road show reports that Ford is now giving retailers the option to prevent customers from reselling the electronics for up to a year after purchase. As the document (since then extracted) appeared on F-150 Gen 14 forums, the seller could seek “prohibited relief” to prevent the transfer of property or even demand payment for "All values" from sales.

The automaker is also cracking down on a "limited number" of dealers who allegedly breached terms of sale and service by forcing customers to make extra payments beyond what Ford wants. . It is not clear exactly what these payments are, although this indicates that they were larger than the signals that you often see when cars are scarce or in high demand.

This non-sales clause is not new to the car world. Ford used it to make sure its GT supercar reached real owners. However, it's still rare for EVs - especially for relatively standard vehicles such as the F - 150 Lighting. This shows how great the Lightning is, of course, but it could be crucial for Ford as well. Scalping has hurt access to many other technical products, such as game consoles and video cards - Ford may not want those vendors to hurt such an important vehicle release, especially with Chevy, Rivian and Tesla chasing many of the same customers. .

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