'Fortnite' is back online (update)

Fortnite is back online update

If you were planning to play Fortnite today, you may want to make other plans. A.At the moment, many players find it impossible to log into their accounts and play games. At 1:13 PM ET, Epic Games said he was investigating an "issue," and promised to share more information once the problem was resolved.

Epic has not said what is causing the problem. But, over their status website, the company describes the incident as a "major breach." That same webpage notes that Epic Games Store is suffering from "corrupt performance," According to Downdetector, there are also reports of people not being able to play GTA Online and access Discord, but it is not clear whether these events are related.

2022 has seen its share of famous internet hits. It was only earlier this month that the Amazon Web Services network issue made many websites, including Disney + and Vice, inaccessible for part of the day. We will note here Fortnite running on AWS backend.

Updated 12/29 7:40 PM ET: Epic Games confirmed Fortnite's servers are back online after hours. "We will have more information next week on what we are doing to help you make up for lost time," the company wrote in a tweet.

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