Garmin’s Venu 2 Plus and Vivomove Sport watches offer new, hybrid phone features

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Garmin is known for offering watches that are targeted across the broad spectrum of its customers. The Venu 2 was released last year and is a true GPS sports watch with a great AMOLED display, while the Vivomove series offers a hybrid watch / sports watch experience. Today, Garmin announced an innovative update to the Venu 2 along with an exciting new hybrid watch.

We’ve been running, cycling, sleeping, working, walking, and more with those two watches for the past few weeks. In short, these watches confirm that Garmin has a strong start to the new year.

Check out our Venu 2 Plus and Vivomove Sport reviews for more on these two new Garmin wearables. The Venu 2 Plus is priced at $ 449.99 and the Vivomove Sport is just $ 179.99.

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    Come 2 More

    The Venu 2 Plus builds on the great features found in the Venu 2, adding the ability to make and take phone calls from the watch when repaired to your smartphone, similar to the Apple models Watch non-cellular. You can now also use your smartphone's voice assistant to send text messages, ask questions, and more from your fist.


    Users can expect up to nine days of battery life, as well as key Garmin features such as sleep scores, weight detection, Battery Body, oximeter pulse readings, dynamic workouts, and more. Garmin's security and incident detection functions are also supported by a connected smartphone. Garmin Pay, membership music downloads, Connect IQ apps, and more are also supported.

    The Venu 2 Plus is available in three colors with a 43mm watch case and a standard 20mm quick release band. I also appreciate the new fast charging capability, where 10 minutes of charging adds up to one day of smartwatch usage or an hour of GPS and music. This means that even if the watch is dead, I can charge it as long as I get my running gear and start stretching before a normal 35-45 minute run.

    Vivomove Sports

    The Withings ScanWatch was the first hybrid watch I ever made, and it proved to me that there is something to these hybrid options. The latest Garmin hybrid, the Vivomove Sport, looks like a standard watch with two hands and six numbers on the front. A small OLED touchscreen is located below the center of the watch, however, and is extremely functional and informative.



    The Vivomove Sport is great for those who prefer to wear analog watches but still want to wear them to capture essential health and wellness data. It's like a regular watch, but it's well supported by Garmin's extensive ecosystem.

    This watch captures data and supports advanced sleep monitoring, weight tracking, Body Battery recovery, blood oxygen levels, 24/7 heart rate, women's health features, and more.

    GPS is provided with your smartphone, but step counting, intensive minutes, integrated sports apps, and more are provided by the watch itself. Battery life is up to five days in smartwatch mode and even supports smartphone notifications.

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