Gear to help make your pictures come alive and make good sound

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You have been streaming on Twitch for a while, you’ve finally made an Affiliate (or even an Affiliate!), and you’re ready to take your streaming game to the next level, more professional. If you are in that location, you may have different needs for your A / V position than the average person. Streaming has specific challenges that require specific techniques and hardware to overcome. Here, we’ll go over the next steps you can take.

For this guide, let's assume you've reached the point where you're streaming professionally enough to have already handled the basic updates, like getting a camera on half or better microphone. Some of the gear we're talking about ends up at an affordable price, but if you want to streamline your business, it might be worth it.

Update your Acoustics

I hope that you have given your acoustics some thought by this point, but once you have some money to spend, it is worth considering what you can do to keep the sound in. your registration space better. According to experts at architectural and acoustics design firm WSDG, there are two types of acoustics you can design: the sounds inside the room in which you are recording, and the sound coming from the outside. -outside.

"You can be inside a bunker, zero noise coming in and out of the place, and the bunker could sound like shit," WSDG partner Sergio Molho told WIRED. This is because noise bouncing around a room, or loud appliances, causes echoes and unwanted noise. To alleviate this, you can purchase acoustic soundproof panels, which not only spoil the sound, but also make your studio look more professional.

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“On the other hand, you can be in a tent that is amazing, right? But you can hear everything that surrounds you, ”said Joshua Morris, another WSDG partner. Lonely sound from sources outside the recording space can be harder. Room sound protection is expensive, but if you've already gone pro, it might be worth it. However, moving to a new location may be even easier.

Sound Mixing Boards and Interface

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Livestreaming means you can't clear your audio in the mail, so you need controls to help you get it right while you're streaming. This is where audio mixing boards can come in handy. These offer entries for every microphone and audio source you use and a series of dials and buttons that allow you to make each input according to your needs. You can adjust gain levels and EQ settings and even apply effects on a per-input basis. You can also insert a mute with the push of a button, all from one board. Controlling live audio is usually a stand-alone task, so if you want to make it easy for the person you got to control half a dozen microphones for your D&D streams, get them a mix table.

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