Gold opportunity: Savings industry alliances lead the robotics sector

1642080982 Gold opportunity Savings industry alliances lead the robotics sector

6 River Systems

The performance economy has exploded through the pandemic, as has competition among automotive technology providers, whose robotic technology is becoming critical due to widespread labor shortages and balloon demand.

That's the good news. The bad news is that if you are a robotics company with a good product and so far on the horizon, scaling up hardware, whether through direct sales or as a service, is usually very complex. carries large capital costs, and is fraught with calculation risks. What will an emerging robotics company do?

One increasingly important model for smart businesses is to work with an existing brand with wide reach and existing infrastructure. Examples include Kinova working with Northrop Grumman to help roll out a small handling device to existing customers and Robotiq partnering with Universal Robots on robotic devices where -na-shelf.

In the latest example, 6 River Systems, LLC, a leading provider of performance solutions, has just announced a new initiative to support warehouse efficiencies by partnering with Ricoh USA. Under the agreement, RICOH's service solutions business unit will add 6 River Systems' service team to its collaborative robots - known as "Chucks," unlocking a critical weakness in a technology company's efforts. any young enterprise to scale: providing an adequate customer support network.

"Demand for our automated sales solution is significant, especially with retailers always looking for ways to get the product into the hands of consumers more quickly through sewing experiences," he said. Eran Frenkel, Vice President of Technical Operations, 6 River Systems. effective to achieve their performance goals. "

Like other performance automation providers, 6RS has a few tears during the pandemic. The company has provided solutions to key executives and brands such as Crocs, which implemented a 6RS wall-to-wall performance solution, including the Chuck cooperative mobile robot. As I wrote last year, Crocs has seen a 182% selection rate improvement with the 6RS system, highlighting a major reason why viewers are turning to automation in such numbers. This increase in income was particularly crucial during the peak holiday season.

In general, robots have become essential for scaling, and the solutions can now be brought online with unparalleled speed and minimal downtime. This is not surprising because according to Statista, the global warehouse automation market is expected to increase from $ 15 billion in 2022 to $ 30 billion by 2026.

But the warehouse automation segment, while growing rapidly in the Amazon Prime era, is still older, with many players less than a decade old. That is a short time to build a large global or even national circulation and support infrastructure. Collaboration seems to be the main way to do this effectively.

“Our collaboration with 6 River Systems is a prime example of how stable and reliable our infrastructure is - along with a team of over 10,000 service delivery professionals supporting and maintaining over one million devices across the US - helping to solve our messengers' problems, ”said Jim Kirby, Vice President, Service Benefit, Ricoh USA, Inc. for companies such as 6 River Systems, we are helping them to stay focused on the key issues - innovation that removes supply chain barriers and drives business. ”

It is a great example of how smart robotics companies are taking advantage of the growth opportunities in 2022 and beyond through efficient collaborations designed to scale at speed.

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