Google announces Flutter 2, Google Mobile Ads for Flutter beta, and more

1640109770 Google announces Flutter 2 Google Mobile Ads for Flutter beta

Google announced their UI tool for cross-platform app development in 2022. On Wednesday, the company announced Flutter 2 and the availability of Dart 2.12.

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In 2022, Google announced Flutter, the company’s UI tool for cross-platform app development. On Wednesday, Google announced Flutter 2, extending the device to additional platforms with Flutter 2, the availability of Dart 2.12, Google Mobile Ads for Flutter beta and more.

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"Our goal is to fundamentally shift how developers think about building apps: Starting not with the platform you're aiming for but rather with the experience you have. Flutter allows you to deliver beautiful experiences where your brand and design come first, "the release said.

In the age of the smart car and the connected car, people interact with applications in multiple environments through multiple devices and systems. In a press release, Google explained that Flutter 2 can be rooted in smart home appliances, TVs and cars to provide the "most distributed and portable experience for the world of environmental computing."

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With Flutter 2, developers will be able to deliver apps to a total of five operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux, and use web knowledge aimed at browsers Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Chrome, according to Google.

Flutter 2 expands the device to act as a portable framework and thousands of Flutter apps now available will receive a free Flutter 2 update, "as they can now grow to focus on desk and web without transcription, "the news release said.

Today, Microsoft released Flutter engine offerings offering support for foldable Android smart devices, according to Google, and it was announced that Flutter would be the "default choice" for mobile and desktop apps created by Canonical moving forward.

"The early foundation of the web was document-centric. But the web platform has evolved to include richer platform APIs that enable highly dynamic applications with 2D and 3D graphics which is accelerated by hardware and flexible layout and API painting, "the news said.

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"Flutter web support builds on these innovations, offering an app-centric framework that takes full advantage of everything available on the modern web."

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Google described the production quality web support as "probably the single largest release" by Flutter 2. The original release focuses on a few scenarios such as advanced web applications (PWAs), which combine "web accessibility with desktop app capabilities, "single-page apps (SPAs)" that load once and distribute data to and from Internet services, "and deliver existing Flutter mobile apps for the web, which according to the press release.


    Google Mobile Ads for Flutter and plug-in updates

    Google also announced the beta release of a new software development tool (SDK) called Google Mobile Ads for Flutter. This SDK works with AdMob and AdManager to "offer multiple ad formats." The company said it had piloted these capabilities with a number of "key partners" in particular naming the Sua Música music platform.

    Google has also announced several Flutter plug-in updates for Firebase services such as Authentication, Cloud Functions, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage, Cloud Messaging, Crashlytics, and more.

    Dart: Google's "secret sauce"

    Google described its Dart programming language as the "secret sauce behind Flutter" and announced the availability of Dart 2.12, which the company said was the largest release since 2.0 and includes null audio security support, stable implementation of FFI, and other features.

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