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Google cancels CES personal presence event organizers go on show

Update: CTA CEO Gary Shapiro has presented the following updated statement to TechCrunch,

It is confirmed that more than 2200 companies are personally participating in CES 2022 in Las Vegas. We focus on calling the tech industry and enabling those who are unable to attend to experience the magic of CES digitally. CES 2022 will enable companies from all over the world, both large and small, to launch products, build brands and build partnerships. By introducing comprehensive CES health measures - vaccination requirement, shelter and access to COVID-19 tests - along with lower attendance and social distance measures, we are confident that attendees and exhibitors can enjoy an event that on social distance but valuable and fruitful in Las Vegas, or while getting it online.

Today started with big news from Lenovo, followed by Waymo and Intel. Now Google seems to be completely excluding itself from its personal presence at CES. A spokesperson for the company tells TechCrunch:

After careful consideration we have decided to refrain from being present on the CES 2022 demonstration floor. We have been closely monitoring the development of the Omicron version, and have decided that this is the case. the best choice for the health and safety of our teams. . We will continue to work closely with both CTAs and our partners to identify and support meaningful opportunities, and we look forward to sharing the latest Google innovations with you. all.

Google's decision to continue with a significant presence is not entirely surprising, with the earlier news from another Alphabet subsidiary, Waymo. However, the software giant has become a tentpole presence in recent years, as it has expanded its product footprint through Nest's line of home products and Pixel handsets. For the past several years, Google's complex outdoor displays have been a staple in the Las Vegas Convention Center car park.

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As of yesterday, the show's governing body, the CTA, remains firm in its decision to hold the event in early January, although the loss of big names is still gathering. The list of companies living away from Vegas amid omicron concerns now also includes T-Mobile, AT&T, Meta, Twitter, Amazon, TikTok and Pinterest, along with several media outlets, including among TechCrunch.

We’ve reached out to the CTA as a result of this latest news - a rough portent into a long holiday weekend. At the time the group last reported, 42 stops had been canceled, making up about 7% of the exhibition floor. There is no doubt that number has shifted since the last report, as both major players and beginners have started to think again about attending the show.

No one wants to be the first big company to take it away from an incident, but the parallels at eradicating MWC in the early days of the pandemic are becoming increasingly difficult to shake off. Such rapid success of losing big names tends to make way for even more.

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