Google Chrome update includes 37 security solutions

Google Chrome update includes 37 security solutions

Google released an update for Chrome this week on Windows, Mac and Linux that included 37 security fixes, one of which was considered critical.

Prudhvikumar Bommana from Google Chrome thanked dozens of security researchers for their help in detecting bugs, many of which received a high level of annoyance.

Chrome 97.0.4692.71 includes solutions for CVE-2022-0096 - Unused Emergency Vulnerability (UAF) - as well as other UAFs such as CVE-2022-0098, CVE-2022-0099, CVE-2022 -0103, CVE-2022-0105 and CVE-2022-0106. There are also three high-rated heap buffer overflow cases.

Google did not say if there were any messages for any of the vulnerabilities, but CTO BreachQuest Jake Williams said he was not aware that any of these vulnerabilities are being actively exploited in the country.

Most home users receive updates automatically, Williams noted. But he explained that enterprise users who do not have administrative permission on their devices will rely on system administrators to push for updates.

In October, Google fixed two unknown, high-intensity daytime fixes in Chrome updates for Windows, Mac and Linux. The benefits of both have been discovered in the country, according to Google.

Google fixed at least 14 zero days in 2022.

Viakoo CEO Bud Broomhead said it's remarkable that sustainable channel calls are now focused on cyber vulnerabilities more than delivering new functionality.

“Stables are now evolving as‘ safe to use cyber ’instead of‘ not damaging your device, ’a significant difference with how cyber vulnerabilities have been killed,” Broomhead said.

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