Google is disabling the 'Hold for Me' feature on the Pixel 6 after a buggy update

Google is disabling the Hold for Me feature on the

Last year, Google introduced a special feature for Pixel devices called "Hold for Me" that alerts you when a business picks up your last call. However, that functionality was temporarily disabled on the Pixel 6 due to a bug in the December update, XDA Developers reported. Pixel 6 owners may also miss the Call Screening tool that stops robocallers from ringing on your phone, Google said in a community post.

“Despite a bug in the December Android update, we are disabling Hold For Me and Call Screening on Pixel 6 devices running the Android SPR QPR QPR update,” the company wrote. The issue only affects Pixel 6 phones with the latest security update in December 2022, and not on older devices. If you have not yet received the update, you should continue to access these features.

Hold for Me started out as a US specialty feature but was recently expanded to Canada, as XDA Developers fa-near. It uses Google's Duplex AI technology to detect when a real person comes in line to take your call, giving you the pain of listening to loud looping music or pre - recorded messages. Google’s tech Call Screening also uses tech Duplex AI, launched with the promise of automating your own accommodation.

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