Google results against import ban following Sonos patent infringement decision

1641739141 Google results against import ban following Sonos patent infringement decision

Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

Many Google products have been banned from importing after the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that the company had infringed on Sonos' patents. The decision, reported by the New York Times, follows a two-year long battle with Sonos and affects products such as Nest speakers, Chromecast devices, and Pixel smartphones.

Sonos first sued Google in 2020, claiming that the company used their partnership to take down Sonos and use their own products for the company's intellectual property. This includes technology that allows speakers to connect and sync wirelessly, which many of the best Sonos speakers are best known for.

Google, of course, denied the claim and objected, claiming that Sonos infringed several of its patents.

In August, the USITC issued a start - up decision for Sonos, and Thursday's decision ends a long battle between the two companies. However, it looks like Google will change its software to get around the import ban.

In response to the decision, a Sonos spokesperson made the following statement to Android Central:

We understand that the ITC has definitively verified the five Sonos patents in question in this case and has unfairly ruled that Google infringes all five. That's a far - reaching advantage that is rare in patent matters and confirms the strength of Sonos' s broad patent portfolio and the weakness of Google's rejection of a copy. These Sonos patents cover Sonos' new invention of popular home audio features, including the setup for controlling home audio systems, multi-speaker synchronization, independent volume control on various speakers, and a stereo pair of speakers.

Google may be able to reduce or eliminate product features in a way that bypasses the import ban imposed by the ITC. But while Google may provide user experience in an effort to overcome this import ban, its results still infringe many dozens of Sonos patents, the crime it committed will continue, and the damage will continue. which is payable on Sonos collecting. On the other hand, Google can - as other companies have already done - pay a royalty for the technologies it has misused

As a result of the decision, the USITC is ordering a halt and a halt to imports of Nest, Chromecast and Pixel device products made outside the U.S. that contain the infringed Sonos patents, a ban that will come completed in 60 days. This is, of course, awaiting a presidential review that could overturn the decision, although that is unlikely to happen.

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Google spokesman José Castañeda made the following statement to Android Central:

While we do not agree with today's decision, we will ensure that our shared messengers have the best experience using our products and do not disturb them. We will seek further review and continue to defend ourselves against Sonos' derogatory claims regarding our partnership and intellectual property.

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