Google Voice now lets you choose which contacts you should skip

Google Voice now lets you choose which contacts you should

Google Voice users are getting some new features that allow them to better control their call forwarding experience.

The service has introduced new settings that allow users to set custom rules for incoming calls on their various devices, including the best Android phones. Users can now choose which links and groups to forward to specific affiliate numbers. Google Voice can also automatically screen some connections.

Additionally, if you do not want to talk to some contacts, you can now automatically forward them to voicemail. To personalize the experience, Google Voice users can also schedule custom mail greetings for specific acquaintances.

Google says the new options "allow you to make incoming calls in the most efficient ways for your workflow and productivity, including granular settings for specific connectors."

To access these settings, you need to visit the Google Voice website since the mobile app cannot be modified. Navigate to Settings> Call where you will find "Custom call forwarding." From here, you can create a new rule.

You must first choose which groups or organizations you want to establish the new rule with. From there, you can decide whether you want these connections to be forwarded to a voicemail or other linked number. Once you have created a rule, you can revert to call options and manage the rules you created in case you want to add or delete a rule or make other changes.

The new settings should make Google Voice a little easier to manage, especially if you happen to be living a dual life.

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