Google's second - gen Nest Google drops to $ 60 in New Year's sales

Googles second gen Nest Google drops to 60

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Most Google Nest devices have been sold for the holiday shopping season and, while these deep discounts have come and gone, we are already seeing new sales appear all over the web. . The second-generation Google Nest Hub has both Best Buy and Adorama for $ 60, which is $ 40 off its regular price and just $ 10 more than it was on Black Friday. The Nest Hub Max is also on sale for $ 190, while the Nest Audio and Nest Mini are down to $ 75 and $ 25, respectively.

Google Buy at Best Buy Shop Google sale at Adorama Buy Nest Hub (2nd gen) at Best Buy - $ 60 Buy Nest Hub (2nd gen) at Adorama - $ 60

Our top choice for most people is the Nest Hub and the Nest Audio. The first one is Google's latest flagship display and earned a score of 89 from us. It has a minimalist design, a beautiful 7-inch display, brighter and louder audio than the preview and faster performance as well. It's just the right size to fit into any room without taking up too much space, and you can even put on your night stand and monitor your sleep. The feature was a bit finicky when we tested it, but as long as it's in place, you should get data on your sleep time, quality, schedule and even snoring information.

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The Nest Audio is Google's $ 100 smart speaker that competes with Amazon 's Echo and Apple's mini HomePod. It holds its own against both of these devices and earned a score of 87 from us for its solid audio quality, charming design, good Google Assistant performance and stereo mode when two of the speakers are twins. The smart speaker is what you get if you care about audio quality and already rely heavily on Google Assistant. The Nest Mini may seem like an attractive option at $ 25, but you get what you pay for. Like its Amazon counterpart, the Echo Dot, the Nest Mini is an affordable way to get Google Assistant into a small space but you will virtually sacrifice sound quality.

The Nest Hub Max is for those who want to access both audio and Google smart devices. They all have the best audio quality as well as a 10-inch display, gesture controls and the ability to double as a Nest Cam. It would make a great smart home-based display, one that sits in your living room or kitchen so that everyone in your family can access it when necessary.

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