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As I said before, if you want to ride a hyperloop, you have to wait a while. These things happen slowly. Something that is not so bad when you are think about getting hurt through a windowless pipe at high speeds. But this week the reality of hyperloop hell saw a lot more real. Hard Hyperloop he raised a ton of money from the European Commission. This is the first donation for hyperloop technology from the EC.

Okay, that's not as much as $ 15 million when we talk about creating a completely new way of transport. But it is a clear recognition by the European Commission that hyperloop is a sustainable mode of transport. The idea has legs - or in this case, tubes.


    Hardt hyperloop as a green move

    It's all part of a larger sustainability mission backed by the European Green Treaty, which refers to hyperloop as a kind of sustainable and smart move.

    Hyperloop vehicles move independently through low-pressure hoses. Electromagnetic movement makes travel energy efficient and completely CO2 neutral. The hyperloop is therefore responding to the growing demand for a sustainable (high-speed) transport solution for both people and goods.

    As I have mentioned before, Hardt has been instrumental in establishing the foundation for hyperloop transport to become a reality in Europe. The company helped advance the development of the European Hyperloop Center (EHC) in 2022. The EHC plans to open a 2.7km test route with a cargo scale tube suitable for speeds of up to 700 km / h to test hyperloop technologies in 2023.

    Wow, companies are finally starting to work together

    Earlier this month the European Railway Infrastructure Managers (EIM) name to be agreed with the seven largest hyperloop players. It supports the integration of hyperloop and rail systems in Europe. It is an opportunity for companies including Hardt, HyperloopTT, Nevomo, Swisspod Technologies, TransPod, Virgin Hyperloop, and Zeleros to exchange information and best practices with the EIM and identify innovative drivers..

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    Hyperloop companies desperately need some hype - heck, any PR will do


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