Here's a great deal on cloud storage that really puts the security of your file first

Heres a great deal on cloud storage that really puts.jpegsignature25cec713fba7434737dee35b17c89f23

TLDR: With 4TBs of Treasure Cloud Storage core, users get a solid package of storage options, topped with an array of key security features.

Most cloud storage customers set two main selling points from any provider: the size of the cloud storage space they offer; and the price. These concerns clearly make sense, but there is a third key point that should not be overlooked: security.

Too often, cloud providers offer a place, but there is a very big question of trust when it comes to how they interact with your data. That's why many statements of terms and conditions may reveal some shocking consequences for the handling of data files. Some companies even reserve the right to sell your data there in that tiny printed text that you have never read.

Treasure Cloud Storage thinking that is fundamentally wrong. That’s why their service offers a 5-year membership with 4TBn of cloud storage space with built-in security that most other services can’t touch. Currently, that 5-year subscription is available at more than 80 percent off its average price, down to just $ 169.99.

Treasure Cloud was set up with messenger data security as a key feature. That starts with messenger side encryption, which means that every time a file leaves one of your devices, it is instantly encrypted with your own unique access key that is not not accessible to third parties, including Treasure Cloud. Of course, Treasure will not even store your account recovery keys if you forget your password. This is called inexperienced encryption, which means that you have literally control over everything that is associated with your account.

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At every stage of the process, your files are encrypted, whether they are stored, moved or actively used. Even if you already have a Dropbox account, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or others, they can all be connected through your Treasure Cloud, offering protection, increased scanning capabilities, and other file management tools. to enhance all your storage sites. .

Treasure Cloud even uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers for its storage needs and Microsoft Azure for its processing, without putting all their eggs in one basket so that one could not break or any problem keep your files down for a long time.

One Treasure Cloud account works with an unlimited number of devices. Currently, a 5-year subscription to a Treasure Cloud account, typically worth $ 900, is now available for less than $ 5 a month at just $ 169.99.

Prices are subject to change

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