Hey, space nerd! This is what Mars looks like

Hey space nerd This is what Mars looks like.jpgsignature85a1c84ffc242ba7be67347e0f43c93e

We have long known what Mars looks like, but the last Perseverance rover teaches us what it looks like.

The beast shared its first hearing on the Martian surface in February and has gone on to record five hours of planetary sounds.

This week NASA released a series of audible missions captured by the six - wheeled spacecraft.

The sounds of high winds, blowing wheels, and vibrating motors give Mars a new perspective. They also play a key role in the Perseverance science mission.

Persistence is equipped with two microphones, both of which are off-the-shelf devices. One of them sits on the screen of the bug and listens to the wheels and systems inside the rover. The other son is attached to the mast of the spaceship.

As a Perseverance laser instrument burns rocks and examines the resulting plasma, the microscope records the zaps.

The microphone's position allows it to monitor minute movements in air that give views of a Martian feel.


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