How 5,000 customers harassed Microsoft to make a big difference

1641813534 How 5000 customers harassed Microsoft to make a big difference

No, not everyone likes self-esteem.

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One of the great lessons of modern life is that not everyone uses technology in the same way.

more technically inaccurate

You might think that everyone is using the function keys on a laptop keyboard, but that is not true.

You might think that everyone will open their phone camera in the same way, but you would be surprised.

And then there are the Microsoft Teams.

This is something I use regularly and think about it the same way I think about my TV.

I will pass it on. It works. Then I turned it off.

During the meeting, I talk when needed, turn off my camera when I need to scratch my nose or make my eyes smooth, and think of it like any other video call.

Maybe I'm in the minority. Many, many Team users seem to be annoyed, humiliated, and harassed by seeing themselves at meetings.

It’s so weird non-American. I thought we all wanted to live life on our own. I thought we were all focused on ourselves first, next on ourselves, and, just if time allows, we considered someone else.

However, having wrapped up around Microsoft's Roadmap 365, I learned about the pain of Team users. A video of their own glorious faces, permanently visible in the bottom right hand corner of their screen, seems to be attracting a lot of attention.

Hark about this complaint on the Microsoft community board: "The self-image is always stable in the bottom right corner of a Team meeting. This often attracts attention and can get into the department screen. "

One person's opinion, you may be thinking. But no. This has been taken over 5,000 times.

Which made Microsoft do something about it. It includes a Hide your own video feature in team meetings, freeing you from the burden of watching yourself in action.

It is useful to know how many Team users describe the experience of monitoring themselves. One word that comes out over and over again is "supersonic."

Sample from the Community Forum: "I'm a new woman and I'm a new recruit and I find myself attracting a lot of attention and harassment. As a result, I almost always 'turn my camera off for my meetings, although this makes it even harder to connect with my colleagues, which is a disappointment as a new employer. "

I may be focusing too much on making appointments and getting on with my hard life, but I never noticed my own video at the bottom right of the screen. I look at whoever is talking and try to look very interesting.

But I see widespread hope in Microsoft in tackling customer harassment.

First, because Microsoft does not always listen to consumer complaints. Evidence of how Edge is trying to fit into the lives of Windows users when it is clear that they are happy with their own browsers.

And then there is hope that we are not all as automated as we sometimes say.

Microsoft says the new feature should be launched this month, so I hope that many Team users will find a refreshed focus at their meetings and not spend the time of their Teams thinking to stop.

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