How AI-powered robots could cost wine storage (for those who can afford it)

1640272176 How AI powered robots could cost wine storage for those who

A new tech company, WineCab, is using software to improve wine management, wine storage and offer suggestions on what kind of wine to try next. Here's how it works.

The 11-foot WineCab AI-powered sommelier that stores, manages, and selects your wine for you.

Image: Wine Cab

Drinking wine has become a regular activity for many of us - especially now, during our COVID era, while at home. Now, the age-old wine industry is getting artificial intelligence (AI) -facelift: WineCab, a fresh start, has created a robotic system for wine collectors and connoisseurs.

The product, a high-tech wine storage wall, "acts as an intelligent unit that provides serving suggestions," while "helping the owner to organize and maintain their wine collection. It is marketed as something that could "rekindle the need for a traditional cellar," bringing 'smart home' to an unprecedented level. "In other words, it acts as the your personal AI sommelier (i.e., wine server or steward) in the digital age.

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WineCab boasts of providing a solemn wine management system, one that uses AI for selection advice, along with things like temperature control, security settings, and a high-speed robotic arm that grips and delivers your visa of choice.

Say you get sea salmon and asparagus for dinner. The program then offers up, say, the best cooling pinot noir for the pair (the system models the temperature and humidity for each bottle, and you never let a door open) .


Who needs a wine cellar when you can have a 15-foot WineCab? If you have about $ 250K to spend.

Image: WineCab

In particular, WineCab allows owners to store around 600 bottles of wine in a compact unit - with temperature and humidity control - while ordered by Delectable, an AI-based software that offers, among other things other things, ratings and descriptions of a bottle of wine in your collection.


Mark Chaney, founder and CEO of WineCab.

Image: WineCab

With the robotic arm, it was made to load, scan and deliver bottles in a matter of times. According to WineCab, the arm has three cameras with visual aids, and the storage unit enhances things like face recognition security - one that prevents users from accessing a particular wine that the owner deems important, for instance.

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WineCab comes in several models - six feet one, along with others 11 feet and 15 feet - but comes with a high price: The units start at $ 179,000 (with the largest one running approximately $ 249,900).

TechRepublic spoke to WineCab founder and CEO Mark Chaney about why it's been so difficult to bring robotic arms, like the one used by WineCab, into the home.

“You don't see many robots in homes, and about 99% of them are in factories or processing plants. "That's one reason I created [WineCab]. "One issue," he said, "is that a robot can cost more than buying a robot. "To combat this, he said he and his company wrote software that doesn't require a lot of programming. For its robot arm, it has something called a" remote diagnostic control, "which has a camera, and his company can work things out using “simple light shipping and repairs [problems] at a distance. "

It also comes with apps that allow you to control the robot arm, say while on vacation, to display and display a wine bottle of your own through the cameras (if you to display something in your collection). And it just has some fun features, like dust for wine bottles.

WineCab is now working on adding elements for stringed wine storage, such as speakers that play music related to the wine of your choice.

In the end, Chaney said that people are buying the AI ​​- run storage system because of its interoperability - he says it's like "performance art." A fun toy for its show at home, whether it’s hosting a fancy wine tasting or throwing a dinner party with others around.


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