How do you use Astrology responsibly?

How do you use Astrology responsibly

All the astronomers I spoke to emphasized stress factors as one major cause of astrological prediction never, never 100 percent sure. "People have misconceptions that the astronaut is looking into a crystal ball and seeing the future perfectly designed," says Brennan, "but that's not what astronomy is all about."

This is where prophecy turns into a favorite word for many future astronauts: predict. Astrological predictions tend to describe the future in a more thematic or archetypically way than concrete, and most astrological predictions today are in this category. Foresight has more room for different possible outcomes and allows for human error within definition. Horoscopes work this way, as predictions come a year later and the planet, and often just happens within one-on-one consultations between astronauts and their clients.

As Sam Reynolds, an astronomer who started as a skeptic and is on board for the international astrology group ISAR, even character analysis through the natal chart is a kind of thematic prediction: “ By looking at your character, [astrology] We can talk about what is likely to appear, what we are likely to deal with, ”extends to Heraclitus's dictum that“ the character of the poem. ”Character influences how we navigate the situations that life throws at us. "Fate has two arms: one is yours," he says. "Astrology is about learning how to work the arm you can work."

Working on the arm of suffering is a job that astronologist, teacher, and cofounder of CUSP app Kirah Tabourn does for herself and her clients. A design-oriented astronomer, Tabourn believes that prediction provides "more ground in the present with an idea of ​​the pattern of the future," notes into the precious gift of organizing one's life. “[Astrological timing] helping people to feel that there is some structure, order to things, ”she says. “It helps people make decisions. ”

If astrology can help determine "the right time" to make decisions, it follows that astrology can also help us see "the wrong time". The forewarned forearmed, as the old adage goes, and astrology cycling is in a unique position to provide forearming. "When we study historical astrological journeys and autobiographies, it is important to see where the repetition takes place," says astronomer Pallas Augustine. This can include cyclical recurrence of balance problems, such as mental or physical health relapses, tender subjects that need deft sympathy when appearing in customer sessions. Astronomical prediction, gently and skilfully manipulated, can help to “see meaning and movement [going forward] looking at what's different, ”Augustine continues.

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However, it is known that people making choices based on astrology come with a requirement to be as ethical as possible when translating celestial movements for clients. “Our users and content users are often in the middle of putting a lot of emphasis into what is [astrologers] say, ”said Tabourn. "It's very important to be aware of that power."

The downfall to great potential is the meaning of astrology? It conveys the vulnerable practice to abuse by reckless types with a suspicious commitment to respectful conduct. An astronaut with more concern about being right or being (inside) famous than they are with helping run the real risk of running sensationalism at the expense of integrity. This excites people who use astrology as an excuse to become an ambulance buyer or to create viral, scary social media content. Specially untrained astronomers in trauma-based counseling or practice skills, even those with the best intentions, run the risk of unknowingly harassing their clients rather than to support them. Some professional astrological organizations try to address these issues through ethical codes, but because there is no governing body that dictates who can and cannot call themselves astronauts, such codes are limited in their ability to rule in practitioners behaving irresponsibly. Moreover, these codes, in their gender, cannot fully address ethical differences across cultures or generational divisions.

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