How Google Cloud is helping companies grow fast because of COVID-19

1641573014 How Google Cloud is helping companies grow fast because of

Learn how the healthcare, e - commerce, and media sectors are thriving to meet the high demands and challenges of coronavirus pandemic.

CBS News and CNET CEO Dan Patterson spoke to Philip Moyer, Vice President of Business for Google Cloud, about the role of Google Cloud in business since the quarantine coronavirus began. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Philip Moyer: First and foremost, my thanks and my gratitude and our hearts go out to all the hospital staff who are on the front lines of this crisis for us. We could not all do what we do without them.

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And so I would tell you that behind it, there are systems that really manage supply and order supply, the basic infrastructure that is the foundation of being capable of a manufacturer masks or attach a specific drug manufacturer over to a hospital and be able to. to direct the right kind of medicine to the right kind of pharmacy. All of that runs on large computer farms, and we are very fortunate to be able to provide some of that computer farm to be able to help organizations that need supply management, route information, and capability got the right kind. information, as well as the right medicine for the right people at the right time.

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What I see is that there is no single story by industry. You know, people are saying that retail is a very difficult time, but parts of sales are going through the whole roof. Some of these organizations have had to implement our Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday protocols which will greatly help us to reduce change in our environment in order to be able to support the spikes that some of businesses see. You know, Loblaws, a Canadian up-and-coming grocery store, had a 20X boost in online orders. We see that organizations have to deal with chatbots because of a messenger service that was not willing to be able to handle all e - commerce transactions. We’re building full SAP examples and e-commerce scenarios quickly up in the cloud to be able to upgrade.

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And then in the media, for example, we see a wide variety of things. You know, Unity is a great example of a group, a playgroup, that they are involved with the World Health Organization. You know, I would never have thought of adding gaming to the health of the world, but they are working on this Play Apart Together campaign. And so we kind of see, I would say that computer configurations are changing a lot from what we've seen in the past, and we're seeing business being done in different ways than it used to be. never.

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E-commerce, I have to tell you, if organizations were moving slowly towards e-commerce, they are running towards e-commerce today. If they were late in bringing, I would say, some sort of artificial intelligence and chatbots into their contact centers, they are in a hurry to try the incorporate these types of technologies into their call centers and into their messenger service centers. So it's a fast move to online and large scale.

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