How the original iPod got me during the war

How the original iPod got me during the war.jpgsignature0fcf140179848bfb02682407cd8bb122

I carried a Sig Sauer on my hip and an iPod in my pocket, but I was only allowed to use the pistol while I watched.

It was March 2003. The second gen iPod was already launched, but most of us were still rocking the first gens because that's what they sold at the Navy Exchange back home and on the ship.

My position, that night, was like a gate guard. The squadron I worked in was based aboard the USS Nimitz and we enjoyed our last night at Pearl Harbor before heading for the Persian Gulf.

It was the responsibility of my fellow guards and I to verify the identity of all who were on board the ship, ensuring good order and control, and keeping track of her baggage. -everyone. Needless to say, we took a look at everything that thousands of sailors bought at the last minute before we left.

And, from where I was standing, it's clear that we must have bought out the island's iPod supply. Every third person who walked through the gate seemed to have an iPod in their hands. I will never forget the sight of so many white wires hanging under the chin of the sailors that night.

The next day we went to the Gulf to go to war. The USS Nimitz and their crew would do more than 6,500 combat missions before seeing the U.S. coast again.


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