How to create an Excel drop-down list from another tab

1641050955 How to create an Excel drop down list from another tab

Here's a quick idea for creating a Microsoft Excel drop-down list from another tab.

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The data you want to use on the Excel drop-down list will usually not be in the same page as the drop-down list. The good news is that all you have to do is click on a list on another page, just click extra to get to the page. We can illustrate this as follows. (You can work with your own data or download the .xlsx and .xls display files.)

  • If you only have one page, add a new page. ("Different page" in display file.)
  • Select E4 in the new page and repeat the drop - down instructions from the previous Excel article through step 4.
  • When you reach step 5, where you have identified the source, click inside Source Control.
  • Click on the Lists page or the tab containing your list products.
  • Select the list (A1: A4).
  • Click OK, which will take you back to the new page, where you will find a population list in E4 (Figure A.).

Figure A.


With an extra click to identify the page, you can easily display list items on another page.


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