How to hide and hide video in Zoom

1641844552 How to hide and hide video in Zoom

Want to see your own face at a Zoom video meeting? Here's how to hide, hide, and tweak your personal video settings.

Millions of former ex-workers have found themselves working at home because of the onset of the coronavirus, which means a lot of meaningful meetings. It's a little weird for users who are new to Zoom's desktop app when the face appears while they're talking - it's a little silly to say at least when you show up yourself! If you want to hide your video, change it so that you do not take over the screen, or restore it once it is hidden, read on.

Pay attention: Increased demand for Zoom servers during the COVID-19 revolution means that telephone dial-up functions may be limited - make sure your computer has a microphone and / or camera to use Zoom to highest level. Also, this tip was written using the macOS desktop version of Zoom with a free user account, although Windows users should still be able to follow these same tips.

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There are several options for hiding and hiding videos at Zoom meeting, both for you and others. The Video tab in Settings (Figure A) there are several options for arranging video in meetings that will change the way Zoom handles all videos in a meeting, both with you and others.

Figure A

At a meeting, if you want to hide your video from your own screen to make room for other participants, just right click on your video and select Hide Myself. If you want to bring your own video back to your screen, you can right-click on any other user and select Show Myself. Please note that this does not prevent your video from being displayed to other users - just from displaying it on your own screen.

To turn off your own video completely, you can select the checkbox in the video options screen shown above that says Turn off my video when you join Meeting to turn it off by default, or click the Stop Video button in a meeting to temporarily disable it. the session.


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