How to stop a place in Google News

1642233944 How to stop a place in Google News

Do you find another city taken over as your default local listing in the Google News app? If so, here's how to solve that problem.

I am a waste of news; I eat news all day. One way I get my news is through the Google News app on Android. It's simple to use, quick to load the latest stories, and easy to customize.

With one exception.

For whatever reason, there was a city that has nothing to do with my local news department. After a while (again, for reasons I can't understand) another city became my base. That meant every time I wanted to check my local news, I had to navigate to it manually, instead of displaying it as usual.

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While not a breach of contract, this behavior was unusual. To make matters worse, it took me a while to figure out how to get rid of that other city.

Fortunately, I managed to figure out how to open a place in Google News. Let me show you how this is done.


    What you need

    The only things you need to make this work are:

    Let 's fix this weird problem.

    How to remove the city a

    Open the Google News app. Scroll down to see your Local News section (Figure A).

    Figure A

    The local section in the Google News app.

    To open the city, follow these steps:

    1. Tap on Your Local News.
    2. Tap on the record button in the top right hand corner.
    3. Tap Manage.
    4. Tap on the register button associated with the city you want to stay in.
    5. Tap Set as Primary (Figure B).
    6. Tap the record button associated with the city you no longer want to see in the News app.
    7. Tap Stop Following this location. (Figure C).
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    Figure B


    Setting up a new city as a primary school.

    Figure C


    Not following a fake city.

    And that's the last thing to do to remove a city from the Local section of the Google News app. Certainly not something that will make or break your experience, but it could alleviate some of the frustration with the platform.

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    Photo: Jack Wallen

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