How to turn on PS5 3D audio for your TV

1640511427 How to turn on PS5 3D audio for your TV

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For some time after the launch of the PS5, the much-hyped Tempest 3D audio was only available through a dedicated headset. In September 2022, Sony released a major PS5 update, as well as adding such enhancements as the ability to upgrade your internal SSD, enabling 3D audio for your TV. While this part of the update has been largely overlooked in terms of the big news, it's an excellent feature that will not take long to activate and improve your listening experience, although it may be Thousands vary depending on what TV you have.


    How to set up your PS5 for 3D audio through your TV

    1. On the home screen, click on it Circumstances at the very top of the table.

      PS5 Main Options Table

      Source: Android Central

    2. Click on it Sound.

    3. Choose Audio output.

    4. There are three options below Tbh, which we all use. First, select Acoustics Room Measurement for 3D Audio.

      Sound Ps5

      Source: Android Central

    5. A new record will appear, with detailed information on 3D Audio activation. Follow this information, then click The next thing.

      Ps5 3d Sound

      Source: Android Central

    6. This page will provide further guidance, and some suggestions. Following the tips will give the best results, so after you follow that, upgrade your admin level at the front level.

      Ps5 3d Sound Management

      Source: Android Central

    7. Prepare for loud noise as your microphone measures the room, and press The next thing.

    8. After the measurement is complete and you are back in the Sound Output tab, activate the Add Measurement Results to 3D Audio toggle fo Tbh.

    9. Choose Enable 3D Audio for TV Speakers.

    3D sound without the case

    With this enabled, you can experience the PS5's Tempest 3D audio from your TV speakers, using the sounds in your room to provide the best options. This is one of the most useful hidden features found in your PS5 menus, and is sure to improve your gaming experience. If you can't get hold of some 3D capable headphones or prefer a game without them, this option is also a great alternative, and can be left unattended. However, if you move the furniture around, be sure to follow the steps to rebalance and resize your room, to get the best results from your TV.

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