How to use the Send Android Messaging feature

1640187226 How to use the Send Android Messaging feature

Jack Wallen is introducing a new Android Messaging feature that allows you to send SMS messages.

Let me set the platform for you: You have something important that you need to send via SMS and you need to send the message now, or you will forget what you wanted to say . The thing is, you do not want the recipient to get the news right away.

What do you do? You have options:

  1. You may send a message to remind yourself to send a message later.
  2. You could take a note and fold the text later.
  3. You could create a calendar event.

If you are creative, you could come up with several ways to solve this small condition.

Alternatively, you could take advantage of a new feature recently released by Google for the Android Messaging app, called Schedule Send. With this new development, you can type your messages and then schedule them for forwarding at a later time. It's very useful - especially for those who often find themselves reluctant to send instant messages. It’s also useful for those times when you think you want to post something, just to realize that you didn’t want to say something.

I can see where that last piece was upset. Let me explain a little bit.

For example, say you are pretty sure you are going to hire someone, so text them saying that. After an hour you find out that your budget is no longer for him, so you have to withdraw your employment. Courage.

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What if you could write that message, set it to send at a later time in the day. When you find out you do not have the budget, you turn off the message and no one is wiser.

Now you can find out why this feature could be a real game changer. Of course, no one hires or fires someone over text. Right?

Let me show you how it is used.


    What you need

    Here's where it's awkward: Google has not made it clear which versions of Android will get the Add Table and which users will get it first. I am using Android Messages version 7.4.050 on Android 11, running on Google Pixel 5. If you have that same combination, you may have the new feature in the Messaging app. The only way to know is to try.

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    How to use Add Table on Android

    You will not believe this is so easy. Create a new SMS message to send to a recipient. Once you have typed the message, tap on it and hold down the Send button. A new popup will open, where you can select a time (Figure A.).

    Figure A.

    Selecting Time to Add Schedule.

    Either select one of the times in advance or tap on Pick Date And Time to create a custom date / time to send the message.

    Once you have selected your time, the message will appear at the bottom of the chat window. You will then need to place the Menu button to the right of the message (Figure B.).

    Figure B.


    Your text is ready to be recorded.

    The registered message will appear at the bottom of the cat and will be sent at the time of configuration.

    How to delete a registered message

    Let's say you change your mind about that message and decide not to send it. If you click on the clock icon to the left of the message, a new popup will appear, where you can edit the message, Send Now, or Delete Message (Figure C.).

    Figure C.


    To update, send now, or delete the message is a quick tap.

    And that's all for the new Send Schedule feature found in the Android Messaging app. If your version of the app has this feature, start using it now, so you don't regret it later.

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