How to use Zoom 's advanced sharing options to share more than just your screen

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If you use Zoom, you may already know that you can share your screen, either a specific window or app, or the entire screen. But Zoom also offers advanced options for sharing more than just your screen. By tapping on these advanced options, you can share a portion of a screen. You can just share the audio and not the video from your computer. And if your system is full of more than one camera, you can share content using that second camera. Here are the steps.

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In your Zoom meeting, open a file, document, or window for which you want to share a specific region or area. Click the Share Screen button. At the screen to select a window or application to share, click on the section for Advanced. Select the first image for Portion of Screen and then click the Share button (Figure A.).

Figure A.


A green frame appears. Make sure it is on top of the file or window you want to share. Move the frame so that it covers exactly the portion you want to split. As you move the frame, it turns orange, which means division stops and is inactive. When you stop moving the frame, it will turn back to green, indicating that it is partitioned and active again. If the frame is the wrong size, you can resize it with any of the four corners or four sides (Figure B.). When you are done, click the Stop Share button at the top.

Figure B.


Next, you may want to just share the audio so that the other participants can hear music or sounds played from your computer without any video. At the Advanced section of the sharing window, click on the Computer only Music or Audio only icon and then click the Share button (Figure C.). You can now play the sound from your computer so that everyone can hear it.

Figure C.


Finally, you can split the screen using a second camera if your system has more than one camera. For example, you may have a special document camera. Back at the Advanced section in the share window, click on the icon for content from the 2nd Camera and then click the Share button (Figure D.). From the Share window, click the Camera Switch button in the top left corner to switch back and forth between your primary camera and your secondary camera.

Figure D.



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