How to watch Matrix Resurrections online: streaming the original trilogy at home as well

How to watch Matrix Resurrections online streaming the original trilogy

You can now look at Matrix Resurrections online and we can show you how. Better yet, we can show you how to capture the original trilogy in 4K as well. Multiple services do not have to be signed in either as they all have one app. Act fast though Resurrections, also known as Matrix 4, will initially be available only until January 22. It's time for that red pill to pop up again, folks.


    Watch The Matrix Resurrections online

    Short version: The only place to watch The Matrix Resurrections online HBO Max on the series $ 14.99 per month. Avoid the cheapest $ 9.99 option as this series does not include new movies on the service available for streaming the same day they hit movie theaters.

    HBO Max is a monthly billing service, with no long-term guarantees required, so you can skip it after that month is up if you do not have access to the large selection of movies and boxes .

    Watch the original Matrix Trilogy online

    By the way, the original trilogy (The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions) is all on HBO Max as well. Better yet, they appear in 4K, an obvious update to the original DVDs for sure! I watched the first one for the first time in recent years and I'm really pleased to say that a lot of the effects and fight sequences still stand up and will really put a strain on your desire for the film. new.

    What about The Animatrix?

    Ah yes, well met a Matrix fan. This 100-minute collection of animated shorts is a real watch for fans of the series. With multi-story set in the Matrix universe, all favoring different animation styles, they add a little extra flavor to the world of film. It's far from an essential plot, so don't worry about seeing it first if you just want to dive into the top movies. The CGI piece there was pretty mind blowing back in 2003 just so you know.

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    How long does Matrix Resurrections take on HBO Max?

    When HBO Max adds a film to the service on the same day as the cinema release, it will initially stream for a month, so The Matrix Resurrections will leave HBO Max on January 22nd. It's finally coming back, once the film is finished running theater, so at least a month or two will pass in the form of other films that followed the same release strategy on HBO Max. The old movies seem to keep going around indefinitely.

    What devices can I watch on HBO Max?

    You are definitely not short of options. Many TVs have the app in their library, but you will be able to stream The Matrix 4 online on Android platforms such as phones and Chromebooks, - any modern phone or laptop to be honest. Streaming sticks are handy options if you don't have the smart TV app, check out our guide on the best streaming devices for our favorite bricks.

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