Hyundai built an air purifier out of recycled Ioniq 5 EV parts

Hyundai built an air purifier out of recycled Ioniq 5

All cars are the result of a lengthy development process in which manufacturers build many pre-production vehicles that will never see the light of day. Instead of completely scraping one of its Ioniq 5 test vehicles, Hyundai disassembled the car parts to make an air purifier.

According to a YouTube video description, the model "went through many tests to make sure we were safe." The video notes that, over the course of a year, the vehicle was used for testing such as the Acoustic Vehicle Warning System, past noise control and wind tunnel noise.

The video shows Hyundai engineers peeling the Ioniq 5 to its bones, then designing a completely different product using the components. Among other parts, they used the cooling fan, door panels, LED tail lamp, infotainment unit and, of course, the filter unit. The engineers put a 20-inch alloy wheel on top of the case (so the purifier seems to be quite large), while the car’s logo adds a bit of professional branding.

While many car parts are already recycled, including batteries, this is a neat test. He suggests that there are other sustainable ways to replace a car that are just as useful. Meanwhile, Hyundai started delivering the Ioniq 5 in the US this month.

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