I work 5 hours a day, and I have never been more productive

I work 5 hours a day and I have never.jpgsignature3dd835127fbdb5294b4564f161e4870a

There is something very wrong with the traditional 9 to 5: it does not work.

Scandinavian countries control the World Happiness Report - Norway as the third most fertile country in the world and Helsinki wins the title of best city for work - life balance. And their normal working week is less than 40 hours. They work whopping 359 times less the Americans every year.


    How I started working 5-hour workdays (unknown)

    When I retired in a major 2022 career to become a freelance writer, I wanted to continue working for eight days. I was a “real” full-time writer, after all, and I had to prove it by working just like everyone else.

    That is, so that I could not.

    I contracted COVID-19 in May 2022. After returning to work in June, I began to notice my focus and energy faltering. The doctor told me that it was brain fog - a common side effect seen in those who have contracted the virus. I knew I might have to take it down for a few months.

    On most days, I could not work longer than five hours. But surprisingly, my productivity did not slow down with the decline in working hours: I earned the same income, met deadlines comfortably, and left the desk on its heels. achievement. My clients were just as happy as before.

    But was my productivity skyrocketed just because of the rest I had to take while I was getting over it? I was skeptical. I decided to continue on the shortest workday, despite overcoming it in July. And I never go back to the eight - hour workday again.

    8-hour vs. 5-hour workdays

    I work in Pomodoros for everything - from writing to answering emails to networking. I monitor how many hours I work, what I work on, and how long I take to complete an action using the Pomofocus timer and the data it provides.

    Before that, I worked eight or nine hours a day. But I was almost overwhelmed by the hard work I put in. “I may not have rested enough, designed well, or learned enough productivity techniques,” I thought.

    It was rare for me to end days thinking, “if only I had more time” - because there were always some unexplored things on my to-do list.

    Now, when I only work five hours a day, I notice that I am cutting off almost all activities. I know I only get five hours made more secretive with my to-do list: I better assign priorities, say no more, and sign up only for the essential meetings.

    I work softer, not harder. The same tasks also take less time to complete now. I can write a well - researched 2,000-3,000 word article in half the time, which will give me more time to grow my business.

    My relationship shifted to work. With just five hours I was led to say no to just doing interesting freelance writing works that would also pay off well. And instead of working up to 1m, I started asking for heavier dates (and my clients gladly agreed).

    Nothing is as urgent as it seems.

    Pursuing a more fulfilling life outside of work - with hobbies, socializing, going on long walks, playing the fiddle - gave me more confidence and creativity. mind. With more spare time and fewer hours attached to the chair, I was able to make room for personal passion projects like developing my newsletter (check it out here), working on my website (here), and laying the foundation for my podcast.

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    But it was not easy. I often felt like I could do more, make impractical lists, and find it hard to challenge my mindset about working. I’d like to share a few things that helped me, just in case you start thinking about trying out with the five-hour workday as well.

    The movement of the mind

    The biggest hurdle for me was not managing the tasks well in the limited five hours - it made my brain believe that there was no connection between the number of hours I worked. and how productive I am.

    I can't overstate how important it is to change your mindset first - before you worry about the practical concerns. At least 81% of people spend less than three hours a day on creative work.

    I recommend doing a time test to see how many hours you work in a day and how many of those are pregnant. You may notice, after several hours, that if you sit more just you will get a reduction in results. That’s when you know you should stop working for the day.

    Work in your mind

    There is a time of day when you work best. It may be in the morning before your children wake up, it may be late at night without any worries, or it may be late afternoon. You tend to do your best work in those hours and do more in less time. This is your best time to focus.

    For me, it's easier to grasp the state of flow in the mornings. I make a conscious effort not to schedule meetings or in-person meetings in those early hours to make the most of it.

    You can get these peaks of thought through trial and error or by using a time tracking app. Once you know your best hours, you should increase your day accordingly - direct your energy, not your time. (Here's a guide from Zapier on how to find your chronotype and record your productivity.)

    Prioritize and value rest

    When you carry your office with you everywhere, you need to be disciplined about rest. In his book, Rest: Why you get more done when you work less, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang talks about the importance of downtime and explains why work and rest are only complementary.

    He broke the records of highly successful people from a variety of industries - from scientists to artists - and found a similar record: work hard for four to five hours, and spend the same amount of time relaxing. deliberate.

    For people with less control over their work days, such as doctors and officers, Pang recommends taking long vacations without technology or using weekends to engage in enjoyable activities. it is also a bit physically and mentally challenging.

    I work 5 hours a day and I have never

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