IBM will increase its sustainability offering with the construction of Envizi

1641994632 IBM will increase its sustainability offering with the construction of

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IBM has announced that it is acquiring Australian environmental performance management data company Envizi to help organizations better measure the environmental impact of their supply chain.

Although financial details were not released, the agreement was terminated on January 11th.

The big blue said that Envizi will be integrated with the existing package of AI-powered environmental, social and management (ESG) software, including IBM Maximo's asset management solutions, chain solutions supplies IBM Sterling, IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, and IBM Turbonomic and Red. OpenShift Hat Capabilities.

“To drive real progress toward sustainability, companies need the ability to turn data into predictive scenarios that will help them make more informed and proactive decisions every day,” said IBM AI general manager Kareem Yusuf.

“Envizi software provides companies with a single source of truth for analyzing and understanding data releases across the entire landscape of their business activity and greatly accelerating the growing arsenal of AI technologies at IBM to help businesses create more sustainable activity and supply chains. "

IBM said it is already using Envisi to help identify and report on its own goals in renewable electricity supply and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In February last year, the company announced plans to reach net zero emissions by 2030. It plans to use technologies such as carbon capture by 2030 to eliminate emissions in "an amount equal to equal to or higher than IBM's residual emissions distribution or those IBM emissions. extracting after all means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Other companies using Envizi include Qantas, Uber, and Microsoft. The latter company previously announced plans to be carbon negative by 2030, and by 2050, that it hopes to remove from the environment all the carbon emitted by it. their business - directly and with electricity consumption - since its inception in 1975.

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