IMazing makes file management simple, especially at this ultra-low pre-Black Friday price

IMazing makes file management simple especially at this ultra low pre Black.jpegsignature1de5492079f5a1cf3b893bd4a7480a53

TLDR: IMazing is the essential app for easily transferring files from iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices without having to fight iTunes to do so.

This holiday, the user will free your favorite Apple device from the horrors of iTunes forever. For their ingenuity and advanced technology, Apple is also responsible for bringing the iTunes file management process to the world - and no one is happy about it.

iTunes is finicky. iTunes is clunky. ITunes hates anything other than a file created by Apple. Of course, that's all by design. Apple does not want iPhone or iPad users to easily dig into their device's system files, copying, deleting, extracting, or otherwise moving sensitive files. They led users to one agreed method for transferring files. Fortunately, that proved IOS iMazing Manager (12.74 after SAVE15NOW code from TNW Deals), an app that controls file management where it should be: in the hands of the user.

MacWorld iMazing has named "the iOS device manager we've been waiting for" because it makes managing files from and to iOS devices as simple and secure as any other system. Named after the Swiss Army of Apple Device Management, iMazing allows users to do everything they have ever wanted to do with their files, browse and easily manages backup, extracting and printing text messages, dragging and dropping songs and video files to iPhone or iPad, but without jailbreaking the device and voiding your warranty .

If you have ever suffered from upgrading from your old iPhone to a new model, iMazing speeds up the whole process, transferring files from one device to another without missing anything . The app also makes it simple to transfer data to a Mac, PC, or almost any device you can connect via USB or wireless.

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From e-books to playlists, from movies to all your photos, iMazing works like a dream and shakes off minutes or even hours off those tedious file transfer times.

Backed by an impressive 4.8 out of 5 star rating from users on Trustpilot, you can now get iOS iMazing Manager at a limited time only for a price before Black Friday, cutting the cost for a single device license from $ 14.99 gu just $ 12.74 when you use the code SAVE15NOV at checkout.

You can also send your entire family with iMazing at the same retail prices, with deals on iMazing packages for protection two devices ($ 16.99), three tools ($ 21.24), and five tools ($ 25.49).

Prices are subject to change

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