Intel apologizes for letter in Xinjiang forced labor

intel apologizes for letter in xinjiang forced labor

Intel is educating itself about the challenges of enjoying both its own country and China. The New York Times reports Intel has apologized to Chinese social networks after sending a letter to local suppliers saying it would not use labor and products from the Xinjiang region. The company said it respected U.S. sanctions against the continent, without taking out the political view of social media users, celebrities, and the media. national recommended.

The US imposed sanctions following widespread demands by the Chinese government to exterminate the Xinjiang Uyghur Muslim population. China has been widely accused of human rights violations involving forced labor, internment camps and ongoing surveillance. China has denied the allegations. Intel may have played a role in these breaches, as its chips were used both in a spying-oriented supercomputing center and in police-acquired surveillance systems despite a block list that blocked access to it. US tech. Intel said it was unaware that China was misusing its hardware.

The uproar highlights the juggling activity that Intel, Apple, and other American tech companies maintain when operating in China. They have to respect U.S. sanctions (as Intel continues to do here) and often want to be seen to accept American views on civil and human rights, but there is a danger also that they will lose a major source of revenue if they oppose a Chinese government that wants to simulate criticism. Companies have removed features, moved data storage and otherwise made exceptions to keep their business in China. Intel will not need to make a decision after the letter, but it's clearly not having much of a chance in situations like this.

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