Internet usage is considered essential for 76% of broadband households

1641893828 Internet usage is considered essential for 76 of broadband households

Broadband service is a vital resource for three-quarters of households using it.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed work practices for professionals, with a wide range of employers ordering work at a distance, it is imperative that employees have the tools to work from home. A new study from Park Associates confirms this: According to the research, 76% of broadband households say it would be difficult to be without broadband. (A national broadband map published by the FCC shows where the service is being used.) It is likely that this figure will only grow in the coming months, as COVID-19 spread across the US.

This study, 360 View: Broadband Services in the US, conducted in the third quarter of 2019, also looked at how families prioritized internet access at home. According to the results, which reflect consumer opinions, broadband usage alone is on the rise, and bundled options are being ignored. And 60% of consumers are more willing to forget about paid TV subscriptions than to skip their broadband service.

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“Under normal market conditions, broadband internet service is an essential part of the connected home experience. But under the real market situation we are seeing now, with the huge increase in domestic internet usage, broadband providers will be relied on even more. to manage their networks efficiently and effectively to provide the most seamless connected experience for professionals and users, "said Steve Nason, research director, Parks Associates.

“This finding highlights the need for providers to change their packaging strategies, in order to incorporate more OTT video services as options,” Nason said. "Currently, less than a fifth of subscribers receive OTT service bundled with their broadband package."

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In addition, the study showed that consumers are not familiar with their current broadband usage habits and requirements in terms of speeds. Age is the key determinant of speed, with younger users opting for 1+ Gbps services, which are often used for streaming content.

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Remote work and social distance practices are likely to increase dependence on home internet.

“The current conditions, with many people working from home and entertaining in their place, are placing more emphasis on home broadband capacity, so service providers need to increase their efforts. to help customers understand their diversionary needs, "Nason said in the study." they have the right information and promises to meet their needs, which will ultimately lead to higher levels of satisfaction. "


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