JLab's latest $ 20 earbuds are designed to enhance your skin tone

JLabs latest 20 earbuds are designed to enhance your

When it comes to mixing, almost all real wireless earbuds fail miserably. That’s largely due to black and white color choices, with a few brightly colored variations thrown in the way. Even if the buds are tiny, they are still visible because of their color. JLab is trying to rectify this and the audio company teamed up with nail care brand NOLY to develop a solution. With the Go Air Tones, the duo chose a collection of seven Pantone colors that are "smooth for people across a spectrum of skin tones."

JLab states that it worked with ORLY to select the latest scenes from an original collection of over 60 options. With the beauty brand's experience in creating nude pollen nails, the seven colors "included a combination of skin tones with a mix of warm, neutral and cool images. the colors reflect true skin tones, most users get the "smooth" colors without proper matches, according to JLab. If you have trouble choosing the best option, JLab offer an appropriate AR room for online experimentation that may help you to make a decision.


The Go Air Tones are the same earbuds as the $ 20 Go Air Pop that JLab released back in August. This means you get on-board friction controls, the ability to either use a bud on its own, a collection of EQ presets and IPX4 protection from moisture. There is also a closed case with a built-in USB cable for a charge. JLab states that you can expect up to eight hours on the earbuds themselves with three additional costs from the included case. The only difference between the Pop and Tones is the color options available for each.

The Go Air Tones are available for pre-order today for $ 20. Shipping is scheduled to begin in mid-January.

JLab Go Air Tones


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