Latest Windows 11 Update: Your Phone app and key features will get a visual update

Latest Windows 11 Update Your Phone app and key features

The latest Windows 11 preview will bring major visual previews, and there's also a new look for the Your Phone app.

Windows 11, released to mainstream users on October 5, delivered a major but incomplete user interface (UI) revision to Windows with new widgets, Start menu design and more.

Microsoft has now released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22533 to Dev Channel, which will advance the company's goal of revising the design of Windows UI and its key apps.

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Since the mainstream release of Windows 11, Microsoft Dev and Beta channel preview announcements have shown how Microsoft was aligning the appearance of its apps with the new OS, including for Office and premium apps. apps like Notepad, which has dark themes, rounded window corners, updates. images, and obscure new backgrounds.

Also updated for Windows 11 was the 'Windows Inbox' app section, such as the new video-capable media player, Calculator, Snipping Tool, Photos, and Mail & Calendar. At the same time, Microsoft has been testing more pinpoint options in the startup menu.

Build 22533 brings mobile-inspired updates to flight signal design for user-defined settings with hardware keys such as brightness, volume, camera privacy, camera status on and off, and flight mode. The labels appear at the top of the taskbar and over system - level dark or light theme options.

Again, these visual updates focus on "aligning with Windows 11 design principles", say Microsoft Windows Insider program managers Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc.

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There is also a new Call experience for the Your Phone app on Windows 11. Your Phone is an action bridge between Android (mostly Samsung Galaxy phones) and Windows 11. Dev Channel users will see a new on-going call window forward with updated images, fonts, and other Windows 11-inspired design changes. Microsoft makes sure that notifications should still work with the new UI, but it wants feedback about it.

Other changes in this preview include the ability to detect voice access from the taskbar, pin voice access on or Start, and turn voice access on or off.

As Microsoft gets back into the motion of things in 2022, it seems to be addressing the issues beyond the key features of the OS that have been plaguing it before and after the major release -streams around the Start menu, widgets, Taskbar, and more. Microsoft has several configurations for each of the Windows 11 elements it struggled with, including for Windows Sandbox, Taskbar and Settings.

However, there are still known issues affecting Start, Taskbar, Search and Widgets. Details are provided in the release notes.

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