Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is packed with a sleek bulb for sale for $ 25 at Walmart

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is packed with a sleek bulb

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The contracts have largely dried up for the holidays, but Walmart has offered back the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 plus one of the company's luxury light bulbs for just $ 25, which is around at $ 45 off its regular price. The company introduced the slightly updated Smart Clock 2 this year, and we saw this agreement in early December before it returned today.

Buy the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 package at Walmart - $ 25

The design of the Smart Clock 2 is slightly different from the original one in that it has a wider base, but the size of the four-inch screen remains the same. Lenovo moved the speakers to the front of the device as well, resulting in a larger chin under the display. It does not detract from the minimalist appearance of the smart watch, and since it also means that the speakers will now fire out, it should help with the blaring sound of your alarm reaching your ears wherever the clock is next to your bed.

The biggest new feature of the Smart Clock 2 is that the screen can now double as a night light and you can swipe down on the display to enable it. You can still ask Google Assistant to activate the night light, but the extra move is made so you don't have to talk to get some extra light in the middle of the night. Furthermore, the Smart Clock 2 can do everything the original device can do, including weather forecasting, enabling alarms, playing music and controlling smart home appliances. Lenovo once again kept a camera out of the equation, which makes the Smart Clock 2 a more attractive option for those who do not desire video chat using the bedside tablet alarm.

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We cannot speak for the quality of the Lenovo smart light bulb included in the package, but we can say that it supports white and color options with adjustable temperature and brightness. In addition to the companion mobile app, you can control the tummy using Google Assistant or Alexa - and we hope you do that by using the first one well if you pick up this folder. If you have a small room in your home that you want to soften a little, this Lenovo bundle is a solid, inexpensive way to do just that.

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