LG has developed some wild curved OLED concepts for CES 2022

LG has developed some wild curved OLED concepts for CES

LG Display will be showcasing two flexible OLED concepts at CES 2022 - assuming that the pandemic does not claim the annual commercial display as the latest victim. The first is the "Virtual Ride" stationery bike. There are three just 55-inch OLED displays that make up one continuous screen in front of and above the rider. The top panel has a curvature radius of 500R. According to LG Display, that's the longest loop among big screens to date.


The second concept is "Media Chair." It is a recliner with a 55-inch OLED TV attached. It has a 1,500R curvature, which LG says is perfect for a use case like this one. It also incorporates the company’s Cinematic Sound OLED technology, allowing the display to create sound without external speakers. Finally, the display can switch between photo and landscape movements with the touch of a button positioned on the arm of the chair.

Like most CES concepts, we are likely to see a commercial LG either the Virtual Ride or a slim Media Chair. That's not to say that the company didn't bring some of their previous concepts to market (the OLED R comes to mind), but it's better to see those latest ones as a demonstration of what display technology is all about LG has come a long way in recent years.

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