Malaysia's updated copyright law imprisons pirates for up to 20 years

malaysias updated copyright law imprisons pirates for up to 20 years

Illegal streaming could be particularly costly in Malaysia. TorrentFreak states that the country has made changes to their Copyright Act that punishes those who enable pirates. People who offer streaming services and devices that hurt copyright owners can "harmfully" be fined $ 2,377 or more, sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, or both.

The updated law also discourages companies from participating in piracy streaming or accepting its presence. If managers cannot demonstrate ignorance of a breach and have taken "all reasonable endeavors" to stop these activities, they will be found guilty of the relevant offense.

Copyright laws around the world often cover digital piracy, but some are designed to deal with downloads and other forms of old bootlegging. That was a problem for Malaysia, which could not use the Copyright Act against people who sold pirate streaming devices until a High Court decision allowed those cases.

The penalties are potentially harsh, and the wording suggests that it may be difficult for some companies to avoid engaging with fraudulent employees. How much diligence is required, for example? However, this illustrates how some countries may be particularly sensitive to flow through legislation, and may be happy for the U.S. and other copyrighted countries to harass their neighbors. to illegal internet services.

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