Map experts put IoT analytics platform in the cloud to allow real-time data-driven decisions

1640355343 Map experts put IoT analytics platform in the cloud to

ArcGIS Velocity Esri can be used for asset management, forecast maintenance, and process optimization.

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New software from Esri allows real-time analysis of IoT data to make it easier to quickly work on geosppace information from thousands of sensors.

ArcGIS Velocity has the ability to import, process, view and analyze high volumes of data as it arrives, the company says. The platform can capture data from objects or moving objects that change over time and issue alerts about irregularities. This real-time capability is critical in obtaining ROI from IoT centers, officials said.

Jack Dangermond, founder and president of Esri, said in a press release that these new capabilities allow users to use live data for better position sensing. The platform can be used for remote asset analysis, forecast maintenance, and process optimization, according to the company.

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Roger Cleaves, a GIS expert at the California Department of Toxic Materials Control, said in a press release that the cloud - based platform allows his team to start answering important questions regarding hazardous waste immediately.

“Being able to get a real-time view of vehicle travel across the state is never like a pipe dream, but ArcGIS Velocity makes it not just a reality, but a reality that is easy to achieve,” Cleaves said. .

Cleaves said he sees many usage issues for the software including real-time notifications, capability design, and environmental impact modeling.

The platform includes the following features: Geofencing, buffering, pattern detection, spatial collection, special enrichment, and near miss alerts. The analytics platform can send as alerts or publish directly as GIS maps.

According to the company, users can incorporate geospatial analysis into their decision and share results in a map, feature, or streaming service that can be used in other ArcGIS applications. ArcGIS Velocity is an update to the company’s ArcGIS Analytics for IoT product.

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There are now two additional permission levels for the software - standard and advanced. Both options offer different storage and computing capabilities and are designed to meet the needs of consumers in industries such as commercial, natural resources, utilities, transportation, national government, water and wastewater, and safety. the public.

Esri recently announced that the core data and services that provide the infrastructure for ArcGIS are available to developers through APIs and web frameworks, as reported by Natalie Gagliordi on ZDNet. The platform allows developers to deploy Esri location services using the APIs and web frameworks of choice, including open source messaging. Developers can also create apps using ArcGIS APIs, SDKs, and app builders, according to the article.

As Brandon Viglarolio explained in an article for TechRepublic, Ericsson identified asset state analysis for self - monitoring tools as a key move in 2022 for the transformation of Business 4.0.

In the report, Ericsson found that manufacturers with connected hardware reduced the need for spare parts by 10%. This is because machines can monitor their conditions and report small changes in machine operation that can lead to a long-term problem.

Ericsson’s analysis also found significant ROI from asset condition analysis, as well as reductions in downtime, reduced material costs, and more efficient labor utilization.


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