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Mercedes BMW more joins list of companies opting out of

Two automotive giants have added their names to the growing list of major companies opting out of CES in person with less than a week left before kickoff begins. Yesterday, Mercedes confirmed it would jump out of the physical event.

"Because the health and safety of our customers, partners, employees and guests is our top priority," the company said in a statement. “Due to the large group of partners and the various country-specific rules, it is unfortunately not possible to make a rigid, safe and harmless design for all participants in the country. current situation. We deeply regret this decision but see it as necessary. ”

Today, BMW followed suit, issuing a press release, announcing a move to a high-profile press conference. The manufacturer's statement was brief and sweet, stating, “For many years, BMW Group has been showcasing innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As a result of the dispersed situation, BMW Group will move all of CES 's planned media activities to a fully digital program streaming from Germany. ”

Meanwhile, Lidar Velodyne's company issued a press release announcing their decision this week, saying:

Velodyne Lidar does not personally participate at CES 2022 due to the increase in COVID-19 infection levels. The health and safety of employees, partners and the public were the top priorities for Velodyne and were the key elements in the company’s decision.

Earlier today, IBM confirmed its decision to withdraw from the personal event in a statement to TechCrunch:

Due to the growing COVID conditions, and out of sufficient warning, IBM will not be participating at the CES site in Las Vegas this year. We are almost looking forward to participating in the event.

Also recently released is Panasonic, which had planned a personal press conference for January 4. The company has moved to a significant event and will have only a small presence at the show.

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These companies join GM, Google, Microsoft, AMD, OnePlus, MSI, Lenovo, Intel, T-Mobile, AT&T, Meta, Twitter, Amazon, Proctor & Gamble, TikTok, Pinterest and several major media outlets, TechCrunch including. The decision to jump over a boat of omicron concerns seems to be a difficult one for beginners, who rely on demonstrations like CES until they become aware. However, several smaller companies have approached me for a difficult decision to stay at home.

The Consumer Technology Association - which runs CES - has firmly stood in its plans to move ahead with the show, which starts January 5 (with media days on the 3rd and 4th).

"CES 2022 will be in person on January 5-8 in Las Vegas with strong security measures in place, and our digital access is also available for those who do not want, or cannot travel to Las Vegas," the org said in a statement issued on December 22nd. “Our mission remains to invigorate the industry and enable those who are unable to attend to experience the magic of CES digitally. ”

On Christmas Day, Las Vegas Review Magazine ran an op-ed from CTA CEO Gary Shapiro with the title "CES will and must continue in Las Vegas," accusing the media of "telling"[ing] the story straight through their lens of drama and big name companies. ”

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