Microsoft Loop looks like an emoji hell

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The biggest news Microsoft made from last night 's Ignite event was definitely the legless - metaverse. However, there was another fungal one that caught my eye: Microsoft Loop.

I know, from the name, it's not clear what the hell. I would make a snarky joke, but TechCrunch caught the best thing - it's Google Wave. For people who have accessed the internet directly through smartphones, Wave was a major Google collaboration project for collaboration that died out in a year.

A loop - built on a Fluid - frame a suite of content components that are integrated across Office's suite of product applications. These components can be notes, records, and lists that anyone can access across apps.

You can watch Loop in action in the video below:

The other parts of Loop are Pages (just like a document) and Workspace (as an overview of a team project). When this product is released, they will be ported to Microsoft Office, but they will also work on other applications such as Outlook, Teams, OneNote, and Whiteboard. Additionally, you can embed these pages and components into your conversations and emails.

Microsoft has emphasized that wherever you use Loop, you will receive the latest information as they are updated by users you collaborate with. So you can think of it as a set of edited widgets.

I love the idea of ​​these collaborative components and projects, but can you calm down with the emoji, Microsoft? In the passionate demo GIF below, there are already too many of them used as comments on individual comments, and then there's this high - five thing that no one asked for. And I can't handle it.

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Loop starts this month for Microsoft 365 commercial license holders. You can read more about Microsoft Loop here.

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