Microsoft Teams will soon allow you to send 'very painful' notifications while you are on calls

Microsoft Teams will soon allow you to send very painful

Microsoft has announced that it will be updating its Microsoft 365 suite of tools, allowing customers to cancel calls while on Team Notifications.

In a message to customers on the Microsoft 365 messaging center, the company said that consumers will be able to cancel calls at meetings and events before February.

While Microsoft 365's announcement is not public, the company has confirmed the update to ZDNet, citing a Microsoft 365 roadmap page that says the change is coming next month.

"Users will be able to cancel calls at meetings thus helping focus at meetings. A user can choose to cancel calls for all meetings or meeting bases," Microsoft said.

The alteration was added to the slate on November 1 and was last updated at the end of December.

In its initial message to Microsoft 365 users, the company stated that “the current experience of receiving notifications at meetings is a major issue and that there is no easy way to deactivate such calls. good for consumers. "

By February, users will be able to log into Global Settings and turn off notifications by clicking on the ellipsis next to the profile picture.

Microsoft is also rolling out a way to do this through uBar, allowing users to cancel calls based on each meeting.

In December 2022 a number of new features were introduced for Microsoft Teams, including end - to - end encryption for Team notifications and a new 911 emergency call location detection feature.

Other updates for Teams include changes to meetings, chat and collaboration, tools, security and compliance, and Teams Phone.

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