Microsoft Viva offers modules for learning, information sharing, and more

1640338390 Microsoft Viva offers modules for learning information sharing and more

Virtual collaboration can be difficult in the age of remote and hybrid working. Microsoft's new platform could help employees, managers and organizations together.

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As a result of the pandemic coronavirus infection, many organizations around the world have moved to remote operations. Some organizations have made long - term commitments to remote working and new Microsoft models could enhance teamwork, information sharing, learning opportunities, and more. On Thursday, Microsoft announced Microsoft Viva as part of a "new approach and new division of technology solutions" that the company is announcing Employee Knowledge Platforms (EXP).

As reported by our sister site ZDNet, Microsoft Viva brings together existing Microsoft offerings and new capabilities in a single platform. In total, four modules in Microsoft Viva include Viva Connections, Viva Learning, Viva Insights, and Viva Topics. Together, these features aim to streamline communication and collaboration among remote and hybrid workers. Microsoft 365 apps and Microsoft Teams access these Viva offerings, according to Microsoft.

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"Viva marks Microsoft's entry into the field of employee boarding, work - related continuing education, and knowledge discovery. Providing these types of near / remote workforce resources have become particularly challenging during the ongoing CorVav-19 Coronavirus outbreak, "ZDNet said. Mary Jo Foley in office.


    Viva. Links

    People can access Viva Connections through Microsoft Teams and the company sees this connection and communication as a "one - stop shop" as a "gateway to your digital workplace." Viva Connections is a one - stop shop of its kind for organizational news, benefits, company communities, policy information and more.

    Viva Connections throws on a custom dashboard that offers personalized control over an individual user experience, according to Microsoft, and this level of control extends to reserved company content.

    “The content can also be customized for specific roles within the company - including frontline staff - so that they have an overview of just the resources they need,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for Microsoft 365 in a blog post.

    Viva Views

    Viva Insights can be accessed in Teams and provides MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics recommendations for managers and officers to enhance employee experiences. At a management level, Microsoft said Viva Insights can be used to offer recommendations that focus on team success and health and offered a use case to detail those capabilities.

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    “Viva Insights can help a manager see if their team is in danger of being fired and make recommendations such as encouraging your team to cancel calls, set boundaries in their calendar, and set daily priorities to focus on what matters most, "Spataro said.

    Microsoft said the capabilities will "begin rolling out in the coming months."

    Viva Learning

    Employees enjoy the ability to upskill and retool and the Viva platform offers these benefits through the Viva Learning module. Viva Learning allows organizations to provide learning opportunities for employees using artificial intelligence to offer "the right content at the right time," according to Microsoft, and managers can access tools. to monitor staff course progress and progress.

    "[Viva Learning] collects content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, your own organization's custom content, and training from major content providers such as Skillsoft, Coursera, Pluralsight, and edX. Viva Learning also works with key learning management systems, "said Spataro.

    As part of Thursday's news, Microsoft announced partnerships with Saba, Cornerstone OnDemand, and SAP SuccessFactors.

    Viva Topics

    Telecommuting adds a layer of complexity to traditional information sharing across a company. To help, Viva Topics connects employees with in-house information sources.

    "Think of Viva Themes as a Wikipedia with powerful AI powers for your organization. It uses AI to automatically organize company - wide content and knowledge into relevant categories such as' projects, '' results, '' processes, 'and' customers, '"Spataro said.

    Viva Topics is usually available starting Thursday with a public preview available for Viva Insights and a private preview for Viva Learning, according to Microsoft.

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