Microsoft's Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is currently $ 40 off

Microsofts Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is currently 40

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If you're still in the mood for some gift-giving after-holidays, Microsoft has cut the price of its Xbox Elite Series 2 high-end controller to $ 140. That's almost as low as to a Black Friday price of $ 135, just in case you missed out on that show at the end of November. Typically $ 180, the custom-made Elite 2 Series 2 is set to be an update for avid gamers, with a slew of key features including a set of six toes adjustable tensioners, four paddles, two d-pads, shorter hair stimulator locks, rubber-coated grips, carrying case and up to three standard profiles - useful if your attention is usually divided between several titles.

In terms of battery life, the controller is rated for 40 hours of wireless play, and the package includes a charge dock in addition to the charge case. In addition to wireless connection via Bluetooth, there is also an option to install a USB-C cable. Similarly, the controller is compatible not only with Xbox games, but PC titles as well.

If you've been watching Series 2, it's worth noting that we don't see it sold out very often. Of course, stocks themselves seem to be low at the moment - as of this writing, Amazon's Series 2 doesn't even have an inventory, so does Microsoft's owning it, not to mention price near Black Friday, apparently.

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Buy Elite Series 2 at Microsoft - $ 140

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