NASA ended the use of the James Webb space telescope

NASA ended the use of the James Webb space telescope

NASA is one step closer to putting the James Webb space telescope into service. The group has successfully used a gold-plated JWST signature mirror, completing all key uses for the instrument. The mission team still has to align the telescope's optics by moving sections of the main mirror (a month - long process), but it's a strong sign that the $ 10 billion device is in good shape.

The JWST also needs a third-course correctional firing as it approaches the L2 Lagrange point between Earth and the Sun. Astronauts will use the point to study infrared light without interference, which may offer insights into the early world that are not possible with Hubble and other equipment.

The first images from the telescope will not be available until the summer, and it may take a long time before these images are turned into meaningful traces. Nevertheless, the practice is an achievement. JWST represents the first time that NASA has depopulated a complex observatory in space - it shows that such projects are feasible, even though they are unlikely to be commonplace. soon.

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