Nearly half of Latin companies are set to adopt AI by 2023

Nearly half of Latin companies are set to adopt AI

Artificial Intelligence (TO THE) will rank in 40% of the largest organizations in Latin America by 2023, according to a study published by IT analyst firm IDC.

Companies in the region are also seeking regulatory services related to areas such as data management and security, according to a survey conducted by 5,000 large Latin American businesses.

Despite the advances in AI adoption in the sector, the analyst noted that 30% of companies will not be able to make the most of technology due to skills shortages and challenges. existing IT establishment of organizations.

To address these challenges, IDC advises companies to focus on building the knowledge for technical implementation and in the negotiation of complex contracts needed to make pathways in AI , while at the same time addressing areas such as automation. IDC estimated that 40% of Latin American organizations will have digital sustainability teams next year.

The way Latin organizations manage their IT budgets is expected to change, the IDC report said, as businesses implement service-based technologies in areas ranging from cloud to virtual workplaces and connectivity. About 40% of companies also allocate hardware budgets differently to improve customer and employee experience working remotely to 2025.

A separate study by MIT Technology Review was carried out in partnership with Genesys on trends in AI adoption and the current and future state of data sharing in Latin America predicting by 2022, that AI projects are expected to accelerate. Nearly two-thirds of respondents in the Latin countries said they expected 21% - 40% of their processes to use AI, with the areas of fastest growth such as logistics and supply chain management, in addition on sales and marketing.

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Latin companies have been reluctant to adopt AI, mostly for messenger service, having called 55% of respondents for the MIT TR / Genesys survey. Banks and airlines in the region have been at the forefront, taking advantage of chatbots and significant helpers to improve response times and reduce administrative burdens. The report also noted the emergence of several early stages of AI aimed at customer service in the region.

Most companies that use artificial intelligence systems in Latin America have benefited from using the technology, according to a study from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and MIT Sloan Management Review (SMR). However, the numbers in Latin America are lower than the global average: 55% of AI enterprise users made a worldwide registered profit through the use of the technology with 11% generating profit high.

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