Neon, Valorant's newest producer, brings sprinting and sliding to the game

Neon Valorants newest producer brings sprinting and sliding to the

Adding value it is a game of methodical movement. Your weaponry is at its most secure when you are standing, and it is crucial that you make sure if you want to survive. That's what makes Neon, the newest playable character in the game, so interesting. She is a hyper-aggressive duelist and her equipment is all about increasing the speed of games.

Following a teaser trailer released earlier this week, Riot has detailed Neon's capabilities. Her native "High Gear" skill allows Neon to sprint and slide into combat, which it does not Adding value prior agent has been able to do. “Distance, everything about Neon came back to that feeling of running forward and moving fast,” said character producer John Goscicki.

Neon's other two main capabilities, "Relay Bolt" and "Fast Lane," allow it to cast an electric molly and create two parallel walls of static that hide vision. Meanwhile, her last single, "Overdrive," allows Neon to fire off deadly lights, with each kill she receives reset the length of the skill. Her machine is more like a Phoenix style that can create a wall of flame to cover its intrusive attacks. However, with the fact that Neon can sprint and slide, weapons like the Stinger, Judge and Frenzy should be particularly lethal in their hands as they tend to dominate nearby.

Neon comes together Valuable roster on January 11, the same day Riot plans to release Episode Four, Act One. You can get the associated Battlepass for 1,000 Valorant Points, or the equivalent of $ 10.

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