New 'Valorant' players must grind before they can play competitive games

New Valorant players must grind before they can play competitive

A new folder with an aggressive move-based folder is not the only tweak that could change a game Adding value with the Episode Four update of the hunt on January 11th. Once the patch is alive, new players must reach account level 20 before they can queue for. Previously, you only had to win 10 unrated games before you could take part in a competitive game.

Lots of other multiplayer games, including Overwatch and the Riot itself Storytelling League, apply similar restrictions. They help ensure that new players have at least some time to learn the game before jumping into a high-pressure game. They also prevent a practice known as smurfing. That’s when more experienced players create new accounts to avoid long queues and play against less skilled opponents.

“We believe that everyone should take the time to learn inside and outside the main game, and have enough knowledge of the maps and the representations. Adding value we will throw it at you before we compete in our record experience, ”said Riot about the change. The tweak will only affect new accounts from now on. So if you started playing recently Adding value and at least one competitive game on your account, you will not lose access.

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