Notability removes users with a membership model, but should they be angry? (Updated)

Notability removes users with a membership model but should they.jpgsignatureb99b594cb947c1ae0eeb47d7f8528b44

Update (03/11/2022): In a new post, the company said the current subscribers will have access to key features:

Everyone who purchased Notability will have a lifetime opportunity before we switch to membership on November 1, 2022, all existing features and any previously purchased content in the app.

It's hard to find a great note - taking app that works across all of your devices, but if you're in Apple's ecosystem, Notability is one of them.

The good news is that the app is now free, but is it really? The app is transitioning to a membership model that asks you to pay an annual fee of $ 14.99 (currently $ 11.99) for its main features.

First, the good news: the app (used to be $ 8.99) is now free! Well, kinda. Notability is switching to a membership model, which requires you to pay a one-year fee of $ 14.99 (currently $ 11.99) for its main features.

Here is a summary of the features between the free and premium versions of the app:


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