Nvidia acquires the HPC Bright Computing enterprise browser management platform

Nvidia acquires the HPC Bright Computing enterprise browser management platform

Nvidia has announced the acquisition of Bright Computing, a provider of HPC browser management software.

Announced late Monday, Nvidia said the purchase will bring Bright Computing to merge with the tech giant's software stack for an accelerated computing unit and package.

The financial terms of the contract have not been disclosed.

Founded in 2009, Bright Computing is headquartered in Amsterdam and is a developer of high performance computing (HPC) browser software, used to automate the provision, deployment and management of Linux clusters, including problem detection and isolation and pushing changes or updates.

Bright Computing states that Bright Cluster Manager “allows users to upload entire Linux collections over bare metal and manage them reliably from edge to core. The company ranks Boeing, NASA, and Siemens among its clients.

Nvidia says HPC is a marketplace where it will be easier to "buy, build and operate" data centers suitable for running collections once the chipmaker has Bright software Introducing Computing, "creates a much bigger future for HPC."

The links between Nvidia and Bright Computing have been around for over a decade. In October 2022, Bright Computing joined Nvidia's DGX-Ready Software program, to become a provider of enterprise-level solutions for AI and data science projects.

Bright Computing staff joins Nvidia.

“Collections are at the heart of HPC-scale computing style, born in supercomputing centers and increasingly mainstreaming to support AI. With the support of the Bright Computing team and software, Nvidia will continue to democratize access to HPC and accelerated computing, ”said Nvidia.

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